5 Simple tricks to make food more delicious

Who does not like delicious food? Different methods that some people follow in cooking to obtain delicious food. Some cooking techniques improve the taste of food but make it unhealthy. How can the quality of food be maintained during cooking?

Cooking food is one of the hobbies loved by many, and those who love to cook know perfectly well that getting delicious food needs special touches. Certainly, cooking enthusiasts have different tricks and methods that make food taste better, and among these tricks is adding more spices and flavorings that modify the taste but are less healthy, which is criticized by many health experts. So how to prepare a healthy and delicious meal? Some cooking methods can make this possible.

1. Eat cold pasta:


Eating cold food may be undesirable for some, but this has many health benefits. Eating cold pasta prevents rapid weight gain, unlike hot pasta. The low heat helps form what’s called resistant starch, which helps slow digestion and promotes fat burning. Cold pasta is similar in its composition to lentils, peas and oats, and it eliminates the feeling of hunger for long periods.

2. Rice Cooking With Coconut Oil:


Coconut oil is edible oil extracted from the kernel of the mature coconut, which is taken from the coconut trees. This oil has many uses in food, medicine and industry. Due to its high content of saturated fatty acid, it oxidizes slowly.

According to previous studies conducted by researchers in Sri Lanka and published by the German “Focus” website, adding coconut oil to rice helps reduce the calories resulting from eating it. When cooking rice, it is recommended to add a teaspoon of coconut oil, for every half a cup of rice grains. Coconut oil is added to boiling water, which is placed on the rice when cooking, then the rice is cooled after cooking for 12 hours, and reheated again before eating it. The fats in coconut oil slow down the digestion process, which reduces the absorption of carbohydrates in the body. And cooling rice makes its structure stronger, which means that the body is decomposing it slowly, which makes us feel full for longer periods.

3. Cooked tomatoes are very beneficial for the body:

Nutrition experts often advise eating fresh and uncooked vegetables, except for tomatoes, which differ from them in that. Especially since cooked tomatoes can contribute more to disease resistance and reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Cooking tomatoes before eating them facilitates the absorption of lycopene from the body. Lycopene is a red carotene that gives tomatoes their color and has properties that help fight many diseases.

4. Steaming Broccoli:

Several studies have shown that the best way to cook vegetables is to steam them over a water bath for four minutes. Exposing vegetables to very high temperatures makes them lose important nutrients. According to studies, researchers have found that steaming broccoli with the addition of a little mustard, which contains the enzyme myrosinase, increases the body’s absorption of “Sulforaphane”, a secondary antioxidant vegetable substance found in abundance in broccoli and prevents cancer.

5. Freeze the berries before eating them:

Berries of all kinds and strawberries also contain a high amount of healthy antioxidants. In order for these antioxidants to be more effective, nutritionists advise freezing them before eating them. According to the researchers, the ice crystals, which are formed during freezing, plant tissues, in a way that ensures the absorption of nutrients and phytochemicals easier, according to what was published by the German “Gisundheit” website, which is concerned with health affairs.

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