How to keep bananas from getting dark

How do we keep bananas from getting dark

As we know bananas are full of minerals, vitamins and fiber. It is also amazingly saturated; After eating a banana, you will probably soon give up on junk food. Unfortunately, they turn brown very quickly, which is not very appetizing to some or all of us. But what is the exact reason for that?

The reason for the blackening of the banana has to do with its peel. The green banana peel contains a plant hormone called ethylene, which is a gaseous chemical that helps the banana acquire a yellow color, and at the same time produces a group of natural acids that equal the ripening process, and make the banana sweet, and when you put the banana in the refrigerator Acid production slows, ethylene continues to release, and eventually the cell walls of the cortex break down to black.

1- Keep it away from other fruits:

Unless bananas are in fruit salad or juice, bananas do not go well with different fruits, especially with fruits that emit a lot of ethylene gas during their ripening, and from the fruits that most affect bananas such as avocados, peaches, tomatoes, apples and figs, so it is not preferable to combine bananas with any Of these fruits, try to keep it from oxygen as much as possible.

2- Wrap the banana in plastic wrap:

banana in plastic wrap

You may have noticed that some bananas in the store are wrapped from the top with plastic wrap and it keeps the banana very well, and you can make plastic wrap at home, if you want to preserve the bananas, it is better to put the bananas on their own so that you do not gain too much From ethylene gas, which increases the rate of maturity and gives a black color in the upper part of the banana, and the most important benefit of this method is to wrap the upper part only and not reach the banana itself so as not to spoil.

3- Put bananas in a bath of vinegar:vinegar

This may sound strange to you but vinegar is the solution. Use vinegar to prevent the banana slices from turning brown, as with citrus juice. Vinegar can be diluted with water. If you still taste the vinegar, you can easily wash the bananas beforehand. to eat it.

4- In order to store it for longer periods, it must be frozen:

frozen banana

If keeping bananas for more than several days, they are placed in the freezer instead of the refrigerator, then frozen bananas will keep for a minimum of 30 days, and ice can also be added to the juice to keep the juice cold and cold

5- Once done, put in the fridge:

fruits in the fridge

Cold temperatures reduce the chemical darkening process, so once the banana ripens in the way you want it, it is stored in the refrigerator, and there is no problem from changing the color of the peel to brown or even black, the change in color is the result of the pigment of the peel, and this does not affect the fruit which is inside to keep the fruit with good taste and texture.

5- We can preserve bananas by mashing them:

preserve bananas by mashing

Get the bananas and peel them

Mash the bananas in a blender or with a fork

Take a bowl and put the mashed bananas in it and add to each cup of the mashed bananas a spoonful of lemon juice

We can keep mashed bananas for 4 months

6- Tips for preserving bananas during storage:

bananas during storage

Choosing the right banana for storage, as we explained how to choose at the beginning

Separating bananas from each other keeps them for the longest time

Putting ripe bananas with other unripe fruits preserves the bananas and helps the other fruits ripen

Bananas must be peeled before placing them in the freezer because not removing the peel will make it difficult to peel and may become sticky

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